Privacy Policy

psdhtmler respects your privacy and guarantees that all information shared with us will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances. Your copyrights will always remain yours. Your email address, artwork, order details, and any other information you provide, as well as the final product, will not be revealed, unless you decide so.

Non-Disclosure Agreement 

We are a 100% Confidential WordPress and HTML coding service company. Your coded product is the core of what we do and we are not interested in stealing, selling or revealing the information you share with us. We will willingly sign NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement with you for protection and security of your proprietary information.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee to give you the money back if:

  • We can’t carry out your order
  • You cancel your order before we start working on it
  • You are not happy with the results when reviewing the project on our developing server

Note! The refund is NOT issued if the request for the refund was received after the project *zip files had been sent or after the installation on the client’s server.

Price & Timeline Adjustments

Price and timeline may vary depending on project complexity.
If the price(s) of any service differs from the one displayed on the website you will be contacted and given the option to either:
– complete your order for the relevant service at the correct price
– cancel your order for the relevant service